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Hello. My name’s Dave. That picture over there is me drinking a camelccino in Abu Dhabi (what do you mean you haven’t tried one?).

Dave with camelccinoI’m a coffee fan. I’m almost certainly a coffee snob. But first up, it’s probably important to say that I’m not an expert. If you’re looking for reviews of the exact blend of beans, or the precise temperature an espresso’s brewed at, you’re in the wrong place here.

I’ve been living in Glasgow since 2004 and have developed something of a coffee habit over that time. My former job as a journalist left me working evenings, meaning I had large parts of my days to fill; it was only natural that I’d start exploring coffee shops to while away the hours. Now, as one half of Glasgow web design firm fuzzylime, they’re extensions of the home office – great spots to get a new design down on paper or work through some particularly baffling challenge.

I moved to Partick in 2007 and so the reviews on here, particularly initially, will likely be focused around that area – it’s the part of town I know best and, naturally, home to many of my favourite spots. But I’m looking to expand my knowledge, so any suggestions will be extremely well received!

As I say, this blog doesn’t aim to specifically review the coffee (though if it’s not nice, it probably won’t merit a spot here). Instead, I’m aiming to look at Glasgow’s cafes and coffee shops as a whole – what’s the atmosphere like? Are they open late? Anything that makes them particularly stand out?

Some brief coffee facts: the 2001 general election is to blame for my starting to drink it (I was working as a journalist in my native Dumfries, and covering it meant working a day, and a night, and the following day … hard times); I’ll almost always order a flat white in a speciality coffee house or a cappuccino elsewhere; I get irrationally upset when people steal seats by sitting down before they’ve ordered.

Here’s to a good cuppa.


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