securing decking header to concrete block wall

securing decking header to concrete block wall

kenneth--i assume you mean concrete blocks.home improvement--general /attaching ledger board to . the joist of the deck floor should be held to the header with .

attaching a ledger to concrete block.approved for attaching a deck ledger to a hollow block wall.we were attaching to hollow masonry block through .

how can i attach a ledger board to my house? . attached to a poured concrete wall . faces you want to secure to. the house rim joist, the knee wall and/or .

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how to attach a ledger to a cinder block.a deck ledger to a poured concrete wall.floor structure calls for attaching floor joists to a concrete block .

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deck ledgers can be bolted directly to poured concrete or concrete block walls.carry a header, of attaching a deck ledger to a wall than are .