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Coffee and Craic, Elderslie Street, Glasgow

Coffee and Craic, Elderslie Street, Glasgow

Coffee and Craic

The single shot

Not massive, but friendly staff and excellent coffee and cakes make this one of the area’s highlights.

Coffee and Craic, 74 Elderslie Street, Glasgow G3 7AL. Map »

Tel 0141 237 6970
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Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Mmm, cofaidh.

I’ve loved how writing this blog has let me explore new places and parts of Glasgow I’d probably never have found out about otherwise.

But I have to admit I never thought I’d find it would point me to a new (to me) language.

Glasgow has a pretty decent-sized Gaelic-speaking community. Much of it, I’ve been told, is centered around my home stomping grounds of Partick (or Partaig – though I must confess I only know that because that’s what it says on the signs at the station).

The city’s Gaelic school is a bit closer to town, around Finnieston way. And now, not much further away, is this new space, which combines great coffee and cakes with an events space for the Gaelic community.

I must confess I nearly walked past Coffee and Craic on first attempt – I didn’t notice its name stencilled on to the window but spotted the sandwich board outside just in time. Inside, the walls are festooned with attractive artwork and more stencils, as well as a huge blackboard already covered with children’s art. I’m told that this did, briefly, contain the cafe’s wifi password, but it was soon obliterated by another sketch. The quirky styling continues through to the furniture itself, with the seats covered with used coffee sacks.

Coffee and Craic is just a couple of blocks from the Mitchell Library so it’s not far out of the way, and – frankly – it beats the nearby competition hands-down, with its combination of Dear Green Coffee, excellent cakes (I had a nutella cupcake effort) and incredibly friendly and attentive staff.

I’m always a fan of anywhere that proffers their wifi password on the first glance of my bringing out a laptop, and so it proved here.

I got Gaelic greetings on arrival and when I was leaving, fitting in with the ethos of the place.

Coffee and Craic, which is run as a social enterprise, is centred around one huge table – ideal for all kinds of classes, which are already being run there for those wanting to dip a tentative toe into the Gaelic language.

There wasn’t a class running when I stopped by, but details of what’s on and when are posted on the cafe’s wall, as well as on social media.

So, fàilte gu Glaschu, Coffee and Craic. I hope I get to stop by again soon. I might even try learning some more coffee-related Gaelic words for the next time.

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Cailean Mongan on November 26 2014 at 12:56

A great place to have a fantastic coffee and bite to eat and learn Gaelic

Linsey on November 27 2014 at 08:48

A fabulous little cafe; great biadh agus cofaidh (food and coffee) and the staff are so lovely & helpful.

Can recommend;
The sourdough bread, and
The Friday kids singing class :)

(From A Gàidhlig Learner)

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