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Jelly Hill, Hyndland Road, Glasgow

Jelly hill, hyndland road, glasgow

Jelly Hill

The single shot

Tasty coffee in appropriately quirky surroundings. Just a shame it shuts early on Sundays.

Jelly Hill, 195 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9HT. Map »

Tel 0141 341 0125
Email info@jellyhill.com
Web www.jellyhill.com
On Facebook
Open Mon-Thu 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat 8am-12am
Sun 9am-8pm

Jelly beans. Tablet. Oh yes, and coffee.

Jelly Hill was probably my first regular coffee spot. And even after more than five years, I dont see that changing any time soon.

This place is special. It manages to fit in to varying roles – daytime drop-in spot, night-time bar, all-the-time coffee house. It’s the backdrop for a weekly catch-up for my nearest and dearest, so much so that if I haven’t texted friends by lunchtime on a Monday I now get asked if everything’s OK.

Jelly Hill is perhaps slightly out of the way. It’s right on the corner where Highburgh Road becomes Hyndland Road, a bit too far from Byres Road for many people to make the effort of that extra 10-minute walk. Frankly, they’re missing out.

The big awning outside covers a fairly generous seating area, complete with heating lamps for autumn (or, this being Glasgow, midsummer). That, and the seats right up against the window inside, provide the perfect spots for people-watching.

It’s not a place to come if you’re in a hurry. Getting your coffee can take a little while, especially when it’s busy (weekend afternoons in particular can see it packed out). But what’s the rush anyway? Order up, sit at the window and watch the west end go by. You’ll probably forget whatever you were hurrying to.

The seats take some getting used to. They're carved from enormous chunks of wood and are probably not the most comfortable. But they look great and there's plenty of them squeezed in to a pretty small spot.

The cafe manages to keep its quirky atmosphere with, appropriately enough, a gigantic bowl of jelly beans placed on the counter. They’re free, they’re dangerously moreish, and they’re just close enough to the till to encourage you to take a couple of final samples as you head out the door. The coffee comes with the marvellous addition of a piece of tablet, too – just to make sure you get a sugar rush. At £2.20 for a regular cappuccino, it's a reasonable price, especially in this part of town.

Unfortunately Jelly Hill closes early on Sundays (the hours vary depending on whether it's summer or winter), and occasionally hosts private parties on Saturday nights, so make sure you have a backup plan if you’re heading there. But head there you should.

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